Sunday, 11 May 2014

My favourite places to go...with my little one

I like to check out new parks and playgrounds, despite windy weather we decided to get some fresh air and went to Kelsey Park in Beckengham for a first time. I was positively surprised as it's a spacious lovely park with a beautiful pond, ducks, good playground for all the ages, coffee shop and tennis courts. By the way I used to play tennis little bit but obviously didn't become as good as Maria Sharapova though😉           Although there is a tennis club in this park that offers you to pay 25£ joining fee and you and your family can play tennis on few good tennis courts within Bromley/Kent counties plus get free tennis couching in groups all year long. Amazing value! Info about the tennis club is on the photo below following by some photos of the Kelsey park.


When weather is not so great and doesn't feel like going out anywhere baking helps to bring my mood up and create cosy environment at home...for today's lunch I made tuna paste bake with a recipe from BBC foods and Cheese and chive cornbread buns (recipe from John Whaite) Nice! 🍴🍪☕️

Saturday, 10 May 2014

About me...

I'm reasonably young  mummy and a wife who lives in Kent and tries to find a way to make motherhood and family life enjoyable as well as shares her casual style ideas, favourite places to go for mummies with children, without children ...and together with a hubby on weekends.